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There is No Such Place 

Chelouche Gallery of Contemporary Art | Tel Aviv | 2015

Phenomenological Architecture in the Installations of Nadav Weissman


Baudrillard said that every architectural act can be classified as a simulacrum, since architecture will forever aspire to produce an autonomous reality of its own. According to Baudrillard, there is no single, superior and absolute reality, and therefore it is not the concrete dimension of reality that matters, but rather the synchronization of all the individuals in society on that same specific reality, even if imagined. Unlike the architectural simulacrum, art installations do not necessarily pretend to resemble, disguise, or replace some original. They remain on the level of representation, and therefore it is perhaps more correct to describe them as a simulation. However, the installation medium does aspire to create an alternative reality of sorts, one that exists physically in the substance of the installation, and metaphysically between the spectator and the space.



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